Each year, the Agribusiness Council of Indiana heads to Washington, D.C. with a number of its board members. We advocate to ensure your voice, as members, is heard on the rules, laws, and legislation that could affect your day-to-day business. Due to COVID, we are adapting and the 2020 Fly-In is going virtual! As sad as we are to not be heading to D.C., we are pleased to announce that this virtual format allows for you, as members, to join us in meetings with our U.S. Representatives, Senators, and other administrative professionals! And it's free!

Join the ACI Virtual Fly-In for a FREE interactive, informative, and influential week with ACI experts, national association representatives, Members of Congress, and Under Secretary Ted McKinney! Connecting with legislators is the key to building and maintaining a strong relationship between agribusiness and policy makers. Meet with your elected officials without the additional cost of airfare, hotel, and time away from your business.  

DC Fly-In Meeting Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to participate in the following meetings:

ACI President Opening/Briefing

ACI President Amy Cornell will open the Fly-In and invite policy experts from NGFA, ARA, TFI, AFIA, ASTA, and CropLife to update you on important topics and upcoming legislation that affects your day-to-day business operations. After the issue briefings, we will provide tips and guidance on the best practices for a successful meeting with Members of Congress and their staff.

National Association Briefings
The following individuals will provide briefings on the following topics, and more:  

Bobby Frederick

Richard Gupton

 Clark Mica

Louise Calderwood 

Pat Miller 


Member Call with Ted McKinney, USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs

Under Secretary Ted McKinney will provide a trade update, key learnings from COVID-19, and an ag outlook for all members who participate.


Member Calls with U.S. Representatives and Senators
Participate in calls with the U.S. Representatives and Senators that correlate with your place of residence and/or place of work! You will have the opportunity to ask questions, tell your story, and advocate for agribusiness in Indiana. Appointments are being scheduled with each legislative office at this time. Once you have registered, we will share the relevant appointment meeting times and webinar information.

Who Are My Elected Officials?
To discover who your U.S. Representative is, click herePlease take an extra few minutes to find the Representative for your residence AND your place of work.

Issue Sheets and Action Alerts
As part of the ACI DC Fly-In, employees of ACI member companies will be connected with legislators to discuss timely and agribusiness issues. In order to have effective and efficient meetings, please spend some time with the issues sheets and action alerts that will be provided for you HERE.

To register for the fly-in, please click the REGISTER TODAY button below and complete the registration form. You will need to indicate what meetings may be of interest to you. Please make sure to use the tool above to identify your elected officials. You are welcome to join meetings with the elected officials for both your workplace and your home residence.

Appointment Details
After you register, you will be sent calendar invite(s) with call-in details. We ask that you RSVP to the calendar invite so that we can have an accurate head count for the meeting.


Contact Jen Weldon at [email protected] or (317) 454-8055.