Soil carbon contracts are the latest tool to arrive on the farm, promising a new revenue stream for farmers and ag retailers alike. Todd Janzen will discuss what elements these type of contracts have in common, who is driving their acceptance, and what hurdles must be overcome before they will reach widespread adoption. 



Todd Janzen, Founder, Janzen Schroeder Agricultural Law LLC

Understanding the intersection of agriculture and law is essential to advance modern agriculture. Todd J. Janzen, attorney and founder of Janzen Schroeder Agricultural Law LLC (, has that unique ability and is dedicated to serving the needs of farmers, ag technology providers, and agribusinesses. In addition to his thriving practice, Todd also serves as the Administrator for the Ag Data Transparent project, a national effort to bring transparency to contracts between farmers and technology providers. Having grown up on a grain and livestock farm in Kansas and holding a law degree from Indiana University, Todd is a sought-after speaker and author for his perspective and expertise. He has testified before U.S. Senate and House subcommittees on issues concerning ag data collection, privacy, and technology. Todd is active in industry associations and provides leadership in a variety of ways including being on the Board of Directors of the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure as well as serving at General Counsel for the Indiana Dairy Producers. Todd publishes a nationally recognized ag technology blog, the Janzen Ag Tech Blog. Learn more at: