How does the Crestcom program compare to ACI’s “Emerging Professional Leadership Program”?

Crestcom’s Leadership Development Program and the “Emerging Professionals” program are both outstanding leadership opportunities for ACI members.  The difference is in the scope. 

Emerging Professionals is an Indiana-centric program for aspiring leaders in your organization.  It is also an exclusive industry specific program for 25 aspiring leaders annually.  The curriculum is also aligned to industry specific topics in combination with other general leadership training.  Emerging Professionals also allows for networking with peers from fellow agribusiness companies from around the state. 

Crestcom brings global experts to share experiences with any employee you deem ready for a 12-month intensive accountability program.  Crestcom is not exclusive and there is no limit to the number of participants that can be accommodated from our member companies.  Crestcom is not industry specific but rather focuses on 12 core skills all managers/leaders need to be effective.  Crestcom also allows for networking across other industries in the state for diverse perspective on leadership topics.

What if my committed employee is no longer able to fulfill the 12-month commitment?  (i.e. leaves the company, changes role, etc.)

The Crestcom opportunity is specific to the company – if necessary, ACI members would be able to exchange an employee participant to complete the remaining balance of program sessions.

What if my employee cannot attend a scheduled session?

Because Crestcom has trainers and sessions being held all around the country, participants have the flexibility to adjust their course dates to better fit their schedules – making this program ideal for the seasonality of our industry.  If they cannot attend on the day scheduled, there is high chance we can find another date for a Zoom session on that topic that will fit their schedule.