Indiana’s agriculture businesses are facing more challenges today than ever before.  Companies must address uncertain markets and a global health pandemic while ensuring their employees are ready to perform at a high level.

 With our member companies in mind, ACI is partnering with Crestcom International, a globally recognized manager and leadership development organization, to offer Crestcom’s results-oriented, live facilitated blended leadership development training program in a virtual environment. 

The program is based on three principals of effective leadership development: 

  1. Subject Matter Experts – A network of world-renowned experts provide content based on 12 key skills all leaders need to be effective.  That content is facilitated locally by Crestcom representatives.
  2. Flexibility – Crestcom offers classes multiple times per month in person or over Zoom.  This allows member companies to incorporate the training into their busy schedules.  The virtual platform grants equal access to ACI’s member companies across Indiana to conveniently engage from offices or home.
  3. Consistency – Every month the exact same learning modules are being facilitated to ensure multiple participants from the same company are all “on the same page”. 

 The 12-month Crestcom Leadership Development program includes the following: 

  • Two 2-hour courses each month for a total of 48 hours of interactive leadership development experiences and participants can join any month.
  • The courses blend content from subject matter experts with interactive exercises and problem-solving.
  • At the end of each module, a personal action plan is created tied to a business result.
  • Each participant will have access to Crestcom’s learning portal for professional learning materials and a common place to upload and track monthly personal action plans.
  • Monthly one-on-one debrief meetings are held by Crestcom with each participating company to drive accountability and ensure results.

The program is designed to change behavior and deliver sustainable results by offering “bite size” chunks of learning over time, putting the learning to practice in the form of action plans, and driving accountability via the monthly debrief meetings.

To learn more about how your company can engage in this leadership opportunity, contact the following Crestcom licensee for the State of Indiana:

Douglas Peterson
[email protected]

Questions? You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions here, or visit Crestcom International’s website at