Farmers Vs. Foodies

In Ray Starling's new book, Farmers Versus Foodies, is due to come out in May 2022 and addresses agriculture's critics. In his keynote address, Ray will discuss the decision that the agriculture community needs to make. Will it be led by “insiders” who understand the industry and have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to it, or will it be led by “outsiders” who champion the notion that the industry is broken – a notion Ray refers to as “Ag Humpty Dumptyism.”  While we’ve all heard these criticisms before, no ag thought leader has ever closely examined their sources, their breadth and depth, or what will happen if those outsiders succeed. 


Ray Starling

Ray Starling is an attorney, speaker, law professor, public policy professional and ag system thought leader who has focused much of his career on agriculture law and policy in the public and private sectors. After growing up on a diversified Century Farm in Southeast North Carolina, he studied Agricultural Education at NC State University and then attended the University of North Carolina School of Law, graduating with honors. He has counseled State Supreme Court Justices, a Commissioner of Agriculture, a North Carolina Speaker of the House and United States Senator who sat on the Senate Agriculture Committee, and the United States Secretary of Agriculture. He also staffed the National Economic Council at the White House, serving as the Special Assistant to the President for Agriculture, Agriculture Trade, and Food Assistance.