From DOT to Civil Penalties: Regulations You Need to Know

From DOT to civil penalties, Mike Templeton and Dave Scott will give you all the latest information to keep your drivers on the road and your applicators in the field. 



Dave Scott, Pesticide Administrator, OISC

Dave has served as pesticide administrator at the Office of the Indiana State Chemist since 1988. In this role, he administers the state pesticide product and pesticide user regulatory programs and coordinates with U.S. EPA in the administration of the federal pesticide regulatory program in Indiana. He has worked at OISC since 1978, also holding roles as pesticide investigator and manager of pesticide applicator certification and licensing.

Michael Templeton, President, Michael T STC

  • Michael A Templeton (Mike);
  • Age: 73; Don’t let that fool you.
  • Married to wife Fran 55 years;
  • Two adult sons;
  • Grew up in west central Indiana (Hillsboro, Fountain County);
  • Residence for the past 48 years: Clayton, Indiana (south central Hendricks County);
  • Army National Guard (6 years);
  • Retired Trooper (Indiana State Police) after 34 years of service;
  • 27 years of ISP, dedicated to commercial motor vehicle enforcement (focused on State laws, Federal Safety & Hazardous Materials regulations (including special training in Carrier compliance), Advanced accident investigation;  
  • 10-year affiliation with the Federal Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City, Ok and the National Training Center, now located in Virginia, formally the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance; and previously, the Policy Advisory Group for Indiana Farm Bureau;
  • Into my 15th year as a private consultant to a broad spectrum of the transportation industry traveling to and communicating with the industry in twenty-five (25) states;
  • My purpose is to provide clarification to transportation issues, On-site carrier evaluation, Training, Crash evaluation, Records maintenance, Planning and Policy development & research and preparation for Court defense;
  • Current affiliations:  Purdue University Pesticide programs, Cooperative Agricultural Risk Management Group in Indiana and Ohio,
  • Personal Goals:  Maximizing carrier savings by providing quick and understandable response to transportation issues; staying up to date in changes affecting transportation; Delivering comprehensive reports; providing the best service, all at a reasonable cost.