Amy Cornell, ACI President & Ben Wicker, IANA Executive Director

 Governor Holcomb Remarks

 Recognition of all Participants of Pilot Audit Program
Join us in recognizing and celebrating the five companies that participated in the pilot audit process and recognizing those who will be the first 4R certified locations in Indiana! Hear briefly from each location and why it was important to participate in this program.

4R Education Panel
Farmers have a lot to think about when it comes to fertilizer. When should it be applied, how much should be applied and where it should be applied are just a few complex and crucial decisions they have to make. Therefore, it’s important for farmers to understand not only how their fertilizer application decisions effect crop yields, but also how it impacts our environment and water quality. Ag retailers participating in the 4R Certification Program ACI are dedicated to educating farmers about the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework. 

4R Nutrient Stewardship provides a framework to achieve in-field goals, such as increased production and profitability, enhanced environmental protection, and improved sustainability. The 4R concept incorporates practices that use the right fertilizer source at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place. 

Representatives of the ag retail, fertilizer manufacturing, and food ingredient sectors, along with perspective for the Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance will participate in a panel discussion to share how 4R nutrient management practices can help achieve their production and sustainability goals at every level of the supply chain.

Additional Remarks From:

4R Field Day Alliance Presentation
Daniel Leckie, Corteva

Pilot Audit Location Celebrations
As a thank you to each of the pilot audit locations, in partnership with the 4R Field Day Alliance, a lunch celebration will be provided to each location. Those locations who have concluded their pilot audit and wish to be certified will be awarded certification. 

Lunch Roundtable
A lunch roundtable will occur for members of the Indiana Ag execs, IANA board, ACI board, and NSC directors.  The purpose of this roundtable is to further educate on the Indiana 4R Certification Program and to determine how to best cross-promote the 4Rs across the state.

Lunch funded in part by the 4R Field Day Alliance:

4R from the Agronomist Perspective
Dr. Ryan Lee, North Central Division Agronomist for Helena Agri-Enterprises, will provide a presentation on the “what” and “whys” of 4R Nutrient Stewardship from the agronomist point of view.

4R from the Ag Retailer Perspective
Rod Miller, Location Leader for Crop Fertility Specialist, will provide a presentation on the “hows” and “whys” of 4R Nutrient Stewardship from the ag retailer point of view.  Rod will also provide comments on his participation in the pilot audit. 

IANA Discussion 
Hear from other partner organizations of the Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance about how Indiana’s 4R Certification Program will help with communicating and promoting 4R nutrient management practices, and how it will assist in developing future collaborations and progress towards the goals of IANA. Included in this discussion will be:  Ben Wicker of IANA, Amy Cornell of ACI, Aly Wells of Indiana Soybean Alliance, Andy Tauer of Indiana Farm Bureau and Mike Dunn of The Nature Conservancy.

Opening Statements
Amy Cornell, ACI President & Ben Wicker, IANA Executive Director 

Indiana 4R Structure
Amy Cornell, ACI President, gives an overview of the Indiana 4R Structure and how the administration of this program will be organized.

4R Certification Process
Jen Weldon, ACI Association Manager, outlines Indiana’s 4R Certification Process, including the application process and the ins and outs of an audit.

 Indiana 4R Standard
Ben Wicker, Executive Director of IANA and NSC Chair, walks you through the Indiana 4R Certification Standard and the documentation needed to successfully gain certification.

Retailer Pilot Audit Perspective
Dr. Ryan Lee, Helena Agronomist, provides an inside look at the audit process and Helena’s experience in the pilot audit process in Indiana.

4R Auditor Perspective
Mark Fritz, Ohio Agribusiness Association, describes the preparation and education needed to prepare for the audit and well as what to expect from an auditor point of view.

 Tools for Success
Learn more about Corteva’s commitment to the 4Rs and how nitrogen stabilizers provide benefits to your nitrogen management program with Nate Wyss from Corteva. Reduce nitrates and greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing yield and fertilizer efficiency.

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