ACI's Women in Agribusiness presents an interactive workshop meant to prepare you for those sometimes difficult conversations that arise because,  This workshop, open to all, equips the audience for crucial conversations that must take place when the balance of work and life become lopsided.  Having confidence, clarity, and compassion in these critical life situations is a tool benefitting everyone.

What would it look like to balance the work-life equation?  In this workshop, we will take an analytical approach to participants' real life scenarios  First, we will create an understanding of why the situation makes us feel off balance through worry analysis and a values assessment.  Only after gaining clarity around our why, do we then move to action.  Through a step-by-step, simple, achievable and repeatable process, we will break down the illusion of barriers.  Moving participants into a space of not only managing the chaos, but feeling confident in their ability to rise to the occasion in critical life situations.  Come with an open heart and open mind in preparation for a hands-on, experiential workshop!

Workshop Facilitator

Heather Lowey is an ICF and Core Energy certified Life & Leadership Coach rooted in connection,  clarity, and joy. She focuses on Energy of Success allowing leaders to inspire and  motivate.  Creating opportunities and solutions consistently through their own self-awareness.  Heather and her clients establish an accountability partnership and work together to set  reasonable action plans after clarity around the client’s desires. Setting the client up for success in  achievement of goals, both big and small, personally and professionally. 
In addition, she founded The Mom Huddle blog on the premise of not only surviving motherhood  but thriving in it with your team. Through story telling from her vantage point as the President of the “Lowey Fraternity House,” she brings laughter in the crazy, connection in the lonely, and joy in the inexplicable. Heather, along with her husband and two sons, reside in Indianapolis and enjoy travel, sports, and family game night.

Registration Details

This workshop will be offered in two formats:  virtual and in-person.

In-Person Participation:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only able to offer a limited amount of in-person participation at the Indiana Corn & Soy building.  These premium tables will go fast, so if this is something you are interested in, ACT FAST!  There are only 5 tables of 4 available!

Virtual Participation in Pods:  This workshop is experienced best in "pods" find a group of 4 to 6 ladies and reserve the conference room, your home basement, your dining room, anywhere that you can set up a screen and have room to work!  Host a brunch, champagne and toast, pajamas and professional development, athletic wear for the work-life athletics to come.....get creative!  Materials for the workshop will be provided!  If you are someone who would like to be included in a pod, but would not like to host one and have not found a group of ladies to join, please indicate that on the registration form and we will link you up with a pod!  Please register individually and indicate your pod's host in the form.

Individual Virtual Participation: If you would prefer to participate individually, feel free to indicate that on the registration form.  The workshop can be just as valuable in an individual format!

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