Do you ever run through a day and as your head hits the pillow at night think: I’ve been going ALL DAY but what on earth did I accomplish? It’s safe to say you aren’t alone. In fact, on average we get less than three hours of productivity every day. In this workshop, we’ll explore your personal energy window by looking at seven default energy types. Then we’ll take your energy and create a success formula specific to you for maximizing productivity more effectively.

We can’t create more hours in a day, but we can create focus by knowing when our brains and bodies are at their best - effectively giving ourselves the gift of time.



Heather Lowey is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) and Core Energy certified Life & Leadership Coach rooted in connection, clarity, and joy. She focuses on Energy of Success allowing leaders to inspire and motivate. Creating opportunities and solutions consistently through their own self-awareness allowing them to step into the best version of themselves. Heather and her clients establish an accountability partnership and work together to set reasonable action plans after clarity around the client’s desires. Setting the client up for success in achievement of goals, both personally and professionally.

In addition, she founded The Mom Huddle blog on the premise of not only surviving motherhood but thriving in it with your team. Through story telling from her vantage point as the President of the “Lowey Fraternity House,” she brings laughter in the crazy, connection in the lonely, and joy in the inexplicable.

Heather, along with her husband and two sons, reside in Indianapolis and enjoy travel, sports, and family game night.

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