Women of Indiana Agribusiness Seminar Series

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ACI's Women of Indiana Agribusiness seminar series is designed to promote personal and professional growth and to facilitate networking opportunities for women in the agribusiness industry. ACI believes that, as the premier advocate serving our members’ business interests, it is important to ensure that women in Indiana agribusiness have all the tools they need to take on the challenges of meeting the growing demand for food, fuel, feed and fiber.

We are overwhelmed by the success of our 2019 and 2020 sessions. Thank you to everyone who attended a session!
2021 Session #1
March 12:  12pm - 1pm
This one is on us!!  Please plan to join us for the first session of our 2021 Women of Indiana Agribusiness webinar series! We are getting this year started right - a fun, free networking event to bring everyone together and kick off a new year. Save your lunch hour on Friday, March 12, and join us as we come together to network, regroup after 2020, and hear from each other and our speaker, Emily Gleason, Corteva, on surviving COVID and the changes it has made to our lives!   

2021 Session #2
June 18:  10am - 1pm
Please plan to join us on Friday, June 18, for the second session of our 2021 Women of Indiana Agribusiness seminar series. This session will happen in-person at The District Tap Northside from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. We'll be discussing tools for tackling tough conversations - finding ways to express yourself effectively in tense situations is a key component to career success. You won't want to miss it! Lunch is included!!  To learn more, click here

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2021 Session #3
September 10:  9am - 11am
Details to come soon!

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2021 Session #4
December 3:  8am - 12pm
Details to come soon!