Please plan to join us on Friday, June 18, for the second session of our 2021 Women of Indiana Agribusiness seminar series. This session will happen in-person at The District Tap Northside from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. We'll be discussing tools for tackling tough conversations - finding ways to express yourself effectively in tense situations is a key component to career success. You won't want to miss it! Lunch is included!!  


Samantha Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Project 44

Samantha Smith is an Indianapolis native passionate about all things Butler Basketball, the betterment of others, and food. Smith is the owner of Samantha Smith Speaks, a public speaking business focused on the empowering of young adults, women, and professionals in the workplace. She speaks at business conferences, schools and universities, and company-wide outreach events. Smith also gave a TED Talk in Indianapolis, sharing her life story and inviting others to boldly change the world. Alongside speaking, Samantha has solidified her presence in the blogging world having successfully run and written two blogs, Kicking Cancer with the Smiths and Samantha Smith Speaks, that have garnered millions of views and an outpour of public support and engagement. Smith does freelance writing and can often be heard guest-hosting on various podcasts. Samantha is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Project 44 and serves as the President of the Board of Directors. Project 44 was launched in 2016 in honor of Samantha’s late husband, Andrew Smith, and has been featured and highlighted in CBS Sports, ESPN, and USA Today.


Adam Krupp, Director - Public Sector, Resultant

Adam Krupp currently serves as Director, Public Sector at Resultant, a consulting firm that helps clients overcome their most complex challenges, empowering them to drive meaningful change in their organizations and communities. Prior to joining Resultant, Krupp served state government under three governors: Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb. He’s helped modernize the state’s Medicaid eligibility program, guide the Bureau of Motor Vehicles through an overcharging scandal and, as the Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner, updated the Department of Revenue’s tax collection system.

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